Ziften Leads The Way In End To End Protection – Chuck Leaver

Written By Ziften CEO Chuck Leaver


Do you wish to manage and safeguard your end points, your data center, the cloud and your network? In that case Ziften has the right solution for you. We gather data, and allow you to correlate and use that data to make decisions – and be in control over your enterprise.

The details that we obtain from everyone on the network can make a real world distinction. Think about the proposition that the 2016 U.S. elections were influenced by hackers from another nation. If that holds true, cyber criminals can do almost anything – and the concept that we’ll go for that as the status quo is simply ludicrous.

At Ziften, our company believe the way to combat those threats is with greater visibility than you’ve ever had. That visibility goes across the entire business, and links all the major players together. On the back end, that’s real and virtual servers in the data center and the cloud. That’s applications and containers and infrastructure. On the other side, it’s laptops and desktop computers, irrespective of where and how they are connected.

End-to-end – that’s the believing behind everything at Ziften. From endpoint to the cloud, all the way from an internet browser to a DNS server. We tie all that together, with all the other parts to give your service a total service.

We likewise capture and save real-time data for as much as 12 months to let you know what’s taking place on the network today, and provide historic trend analysis and warnings if something changes.

That lets you identify IT faults and security concerns immediately, and also have the ability to ferret out the source by looking back in time to see where a breach or fault might have first happened. Active forensics are an absolute need in this business: After all, where a breach or fault initiated an alarm may not be the place where the problem started – or where a hacker is running.

Ziften provides your security and IT groups with the visibility to understand your current security posture, and identify where improvements are required. Endpoints non-compliant? Found. Rogue devices? Found. Penetration off-network? This will be detected. Out-of-date firmware? Unpatched applications? All discovered. We’ll not just assist you find the issue, we’ll help you repair it, and make certain it stays fixed.

End to end IT and security management. Real-time and historical active forensics. In the cloud, offline and onsite. Incident detection, containment and response. We have actually got it all covered. That’s exactly what makes Ziften better.

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