Tool For Endpoint Security Visibility And Event Remediation – Chuck Leaver

Written By Logan Gilbert And Presented By Chuck Leaver


Ziften assists with event response, remediation, and examination, even for endpoints that are not connected to your network.

When events occur, security analysts need to act quickly and thoroughly.

With telecommuting labor forces and business “cloud” infrastructures, remediation and analysis on an endpoint present a genuinely difficult job. Below, watch how you can use Ziften to do something on the endpoint and determine the origin and propagation of a compromise in minutes – no matter where the endpoints are located.

First, Ziften alerts you to harmful activities on endpoints and steers you to the reason for the alarm. In seconds, Ziften lets you take remediation actions on the endpoint, whether it’s on the business network, an employee’s home, or the local cafe. Any removal action you ‘d generally carry out via a direct access to the endpoint, Ziften provides through its web console.

Just that rapidly, remediation is looked after. Now you can use your security expertise to go threat hunting and do a bit of forensics work. You can instantly dive into much more information about the process that resulted in the alert; and after that ask those vital questions to find how prevalent the problem is and where it spread from. Ziften provides extensive incident removal for security experts.

See directly how Ziften can help your security team zero in on risks in your environment with our Thirty Days complimentary trial.

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