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Create A Company That Is Fearless – Chuck Leaver

Ziften Technologies are based in Austin, Texas, and Chuck Leaver is the CEO.

Charles Chuck Leaver

This video from the Commonwealth Club includes Steve Blank and he goes over how it is possible to construct a fantastic company step by step.

There is no doubt that Steve is an intelligent man and his funny bone is great. His company insights are extremely valued and there are numerous points that he made that I agree with:

He stated in the video that “there is absolutely nothing that you can find out inside your very own building so you have to get out of it!” Steve declared that this was a lesson that business in Silicon Valley had to find out the hard way. Now at Ziften we make sure that we visit our potential customers and clients on a weekly basis. Our company is young however the crucial execs and I understand that we need to understand and be reasonable about the market and show this in our company design. When we know what the market needs we can really add worth.

We constantly put our consumers first and continue to pay attention to them. In the video Steve points out how difficult it is for business owners to pay attention to their clients rather than attempting to force their viewpoint on the marketplace. What we likewise do at Ziften is to encourage our people to listen prior to speaking. When we are talking to our potential customers and consumers we have to understand that they care a lot more about how we can resolve their issues rather than pay attention to how creative we are.

Steve makes another good point in the video when he speaks about how innovation is perceived in the United States compared to the rest of the world. The thinking in the U.S.A is right when it comes to our attitudes towards failing. Anybody is motivated to learn from failure, and these will turn these individuals into knowledgeable executives who can actually influence and include a lot of worth to a new company. It is essential that there should be no fear of failure due to the fact that this will suppress development.

I constantly convince individuals that work for us to take risks with no fear of a comeback. I totally believe that this is pushing us closer to our objective of closing the space between enterprise client security and security technology and we are arriving rapidly. This is a substantial change and we are truly near our objective.